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How to use ADHD to your advantage

ADHD symptoms can interfere with everyday life. A lack of focus, inner nervousness and greater impulsiveness are often a problem at work. But there are also clear strengths that you can use.

Creativity: People with ADHD often have exceptional creativity. In everyday life, they find innovative solutions to problems that others cannot think of. And they remain passionate about their greatest interests ("hyperfocus"). Example of everyday benefits: A person with ADHD creates a unique design for a piece of furniture that makes optimal use of space.

Multitasking: ADHD sufferers can often do several things at the same time. In everyday life, this can mean that they work more efficiently, especially in chaotic times and in environments that are difficult to plan. Example of everyday benefits: A mother with ADHD skillfully juggles childcare, household chores and working from home.

Spontaneity: People with ADHD are often spontaneous and flexible, allowing them to react quickly to changes. They even thrive when plans have to be scrapped. Example of benefits in everyday life: A person affected by ADHD can decide at short notice to give a lecture at a networking event - and thereby make valuable contacts for his career.

Empathy: People with ADHD often have heightened emotional sensitivity, which can help them recognize manipulation — but also be more responsive to the needs and feelings of others. Example of benefits in everyday life: A person with ADHD intuitively recognizes when someone in the office needs support and actively offers them help and encouragement.

Risk-taking : People with ADHD are often willing to take risks, which can lead to bold decisions. Example: Despite the imponderables, an entrepreneur with ADHD dares to bring an innovative product onto the market, which then turns out to be a great success.

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