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ADHD Symptoms in Adults: What You Can Do

Nervousness, exhaustion and absent-mindedness are among the most common ADHD symptoms in adults. Don't despair: you can do something about it.

A lack of dopamine in the brain affects sleep as well as short-term memory and mood. ADHD sufferers in particular who are not on medication often suffer from symptoms such as great nervousness or daytime sleepiness. The following points are important for people with ADHD:

  1. Regular exercise: Regular physical activity can help improve your symptoms and increase energy and focus (exercise releases dopamine and adrenaline).

  2. Balanced Diet: Eating a diet high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats can help increase your energy and focus and reduce nervousness. Avoid granulated sugar wherever possible.

  3. Getting enough sleep: Lack of sleep can lead to symptoms of ADHD, even in "normal" people. In ADHD sufferers, it massively increases the known symptoms. Make sure you get your 7 hours of sleep.

  4. Relaxation Techniques: Relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises can help reduce your nervousness and increase your energy. The Wim Hof ​​method is particularly suitable.

  5. Structure and organization: Structuring your everyday life can help you be more productive and focus better. Be sure to use to-do lists to organize your tasks.

  6. Limiting distractions: Avoid distractions like loud music, television, or social media (smartphone in general) that can interfere with your concentration.

  7. Medication and therapy: Discuss with a doctor or therapist whether medication (Ritalin/amphetamine) or therapy is right for you to improve your symptoms.

  8. Self-Care: Take time for yourself and do things that bring you joy and reduce stress. Passionate hobbies are a massive source of dopamine.

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